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OMNI Solutions’ LUX Patented Advanced Oxidation Laundry System, provides outstanding cleaning and disinfection while significantly lowering utility costs. LUX technology supercharges your in-house laundry system through an advanced oxidation process. Utilizing a safe UV light, the LUX Generator turns room air into earth’s strongest natural oxidizer: hydroxyl radicals. 500 times more powerful than hot water and bleach, the system achieves outstanding bright whites and helps keep linens softer than traditional chemistry.

OMNI Shield

Effective against viruses & bacteria
Broad-spectrum disinfectant
Simple, economic and easy to use
Works on a variety of materials and surfaces
Proven against H5N1, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, and more

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Ask us how to get the LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System, with no out of pocket cost. Through Federal and State incentives

LUX UV for laundry system does kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This is great news for hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, laundromats, gyms, jails and anyone with a programmable washer. Below is a video showing how it works along with the test data showing that it kills COVID. Feel free to share with your team and let me know what questions you have. As a reminder, this system is patented and there really is NO competition on this product. It costs the customer $0 out of pocket EVER. Win/win scenario.

Aura Consistent Surface Disinfection of All Surfaces
(UV-C Light) Mini $699.00 Delivery $29.99,
Small (Call for Price),
Large (Call for Price)

OnmiShield Antimicrobial Protectant
1 Gal Price $95.00 Delivery $5.99,
4 Gal $349.00 Delivery $9.99,
55 Gal (Call for Price)
275 Gal (Call for Price)

Omnivalve Variable flow control, Residential
3/4" $450.00 Delivery $5.99, Residential 1" $600.00 Delivery $5.99, Commercial 3/4" to 12" (Call for Price)

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